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Loans: Find the Best Deal on Refinancing Your Home...
Loans: Find the Best Deal on Refinancing Your Home...
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(ARA) - Do you have a balloon mortgage that is coming due or an adjustable rate mortgage payment that has been steadily creeping up as interest rates change? Or perhaps you've had an unexpected financial hit such as a large hospital bill or a job loss that has made your current mortgage payments unreasonable. If so, refinancing your mortgage can be a great way to save money every month.

Refinancing your mortgage also lets you consolidate other debt, such as credit card balances, into one low-interest loan. You may also want to consider converting some of the equity in your home to cash to use for large expenses such as college tuition or home improvement.

Online services like make it easier than ever to find the best deal on refinancing your home. With a couple clicks of the mouse, you'll receive quotes from up to four lenders so you can choose the best deal for your situation.

Before you refinance, ask yourself the following questions:

* How long will I be in my house? If you're planning to move soon, it may not make sense to refinance. Calculate how much you would save monthly, and then compare that number to the costs of refinancing to make your decision. You can find a number of refinance calculators on the Internet, including at

* Can I afford to cash out equity in my home? Paying college tuition is a good use of your home equity. Taking the value out of your home to take the family to Disney World may be fun, but in the long run, not wise. Just remember how long it took you to build up that equity.

* Can I change my habits? Using a home refinancing to consolidate debt can be a good idea - but only if you don't revert to your old behavior. Clearing your credit card debt and then starting the cycle of maxing them out again means you'll end up back at the same spot. If you are consolidating debt, cut up your credit cards or resolve to pay them off in full each month.

When you're ready to refinance, makes it simple. Just fill out the short information form on the Web site, hit submit and up to four lenders will make you an offer. The site only asks for non-sensitive information such as the current value of your home, whether you're employed, if you've ever declared bankruptcy. You will not be required to supply personal information such as a Social Security number until you get further into the process.

Visit to find out more about refinancing your mortgage, or to get bids from up to four lenders.

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