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Land Scaping: Grass That's Great for Your Lawn and the Environment...
Land Scaping: Grass That's Great for Your Lawn and the Environment...
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(ARA) - If you're concerned about the effect of weed killers and fertilizers on your children, pets and the environment, you should know that a natural way to obtain a lush, green lawn is to plant zoysia grass.

Zoysia is a durable, spreading turf grass that grows into a permanent, perennial lawn that naturally resists insects and diseases. Zoysia's deep, vigorous root system rarely needs watering, staying green even in the heat of summer. With naturally dense-growing zoysia grass, crabgrass and other summer weed seeds cannot germinate, eliminating the need for the chemical-heavy weed killers. And its deep root system flourishes without heavy doses of fertilizer.  

Unlike other grasses grown from seed or installed as sod, Amazoy from Zoysia Farm Nurseries features zoysia grass and is sold as individual starter plants, or plugs, that can be planted into bare ground or bare sections in existing lawns. Amazoy zoysia grass plugs quickly send out roots and sprouts from which new plants take root. The densely growing zoysia grass spreads outward, choking out all other growth -- including existing turf grasses, crabgrass and other summer weeds.

Within two to three growing seasons in most climates, the grass plugs will spread to completely cover the lawn area. The result is a durable lawn that can stand up to playground punishment, animal waste, summer heat and drought while still looking green and feeling plush -- just like a golf course.

It needs no care or maintenance during the cold months. In areas that get frost, zoysia grass quietly goes dormant and stops growing. Zoysia grass is cold-tolerant, surviving temperatures as low as minus -30 F. When the weather warms up again the following spring, zoysia grass regains its natural green color and starts growing again.

Amazoy zoysia grass is available by mail direct from the grower at

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