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Credit: Introduction to Debt Management...
Credit: Introduction to Debt Management...
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(ARA) - If you are among the nearly seven million Americans whose short-term debt exceeds 20 percent of their annual net income, a debt management program may be able to help you.

An effective debt management program consolidates your bills into one payment with several benefits:
1. Lower payments by up to 50 percent.
2. Pay off debt in 36 to 60 months.
3. Rebuild credit rating.
4. Stop harassing phone calls and letters.

How does Consolidated's Debt Management Program work?

After reviewing your financial situation, Consolidated's certified credit counselors work with your creditors to arrange reduced monthly payments, interest charges and fees for your unsecured debt.

You make a single monthly payment to Consolidated; those funds are then disbursed to all creditors on a monthly basis. If desired, members can enroll in the free autopay program which automatically deducts the required monthly payment from their account on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. You will continue to receive statements from your creditors reflecting the reduction of your debt at a more rapid rate. Upon completion of Consolidated's Debt Management Program, you may be eligible for the Cash Back Reward Program.

Can I really save money?

Yes! Clients of our program can realize savings of 20 to 50 percent in payments and drastically reduced interest rates, which enables them to pay off debt quicker and regain financial independence.

What about my credit rating?

Consolidated attempts to bring past due accounts to current status, having an immediate positive impact on your credit rating.

Visit us at or call us at (800) 320-9929 and one of our professional certified consultants will give you a Free Budget Analysis. A few minutes could save you thousands of dollars and get you on track to managing your debt.

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