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Home Exteriors: Protect Your Home with New Siding...
Home Exteriors: Protect Your Home with New Siding...
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(ARA) - In a lot of ways, the structural elements of a home can be compared to the human body. Framing is similar to our bones, waterproof barriers are like our skin, and siding is like the clothes we wear to cover our bodies. Siding can be compared to clothes because it protects the waterproof barrier (our skin) and serves as a decorative finish that enhances the home's overall aesthetics and, thus, its value. Clothes do the same for our bodies by protecting our skin and visually enhancing our appearance. Keep in mind; siding does not act as a waterproof barrier.

In the past there weren't many siding options to choose from, but today there are a wide variety of options available. The trick to choosing siding is to consider what would be attractive and compatible with the architecture of your home. You should also pay close attention to the quality of the material and how easily it can be maintained. Failure to maintain even the best, most architecturally pleasing siding can lead to sore looks and structural problems.

When is it time to install new siding? Unless you are building a new house, you will probably be stuck with the material that was applied when the home was constructed. If you are starting to notice that the exterior of your home needs a facelift, or the siding is looking worn due to neglect, then you may be in the market for new siding.

Regardless of whether you are building a new home and need new siding or looking for replacement siding, shopping for it can be daunting. New siding is available in many choices in composition, size, style and color. Furthermore, some siding is factory finished and other siding is finished on site. The most common types of siding include:

Natural wood (plank and plywood)
Wood composites
Fiber cement
Brick and stone (or a combination)

Which type will work best for your home? Several factors will influence the answer to that question. The most important factors include product quality, architectural compatibility, appearance, maintenance requirements, ability to repair-replace damage and cost. Keep in mind, when it comes to siding it is not recommended that you look for the cheapest you can find. Siding is an important investment in your home, not to mention the fact that it is one of the first things people will notice about your home. Quality material will cost you more, but it is definitely worth it.

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