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Credit: Should I Consolidate My Debts...
Credit: Should I Consolidate My Debts...
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(ARA) - When you are in debt, it seems like whatever amount of money you owe is overwhelming. If you find yourself wondering if debt consolidation is a possible solution for your financial trouble, you owe it to yourself to look into it.

Take a minute and ask yourself these questions:

1) Are you struggling to keep up with minimum payments?
2) Are your interest rates rising continuously?
3) Do your debts keep you awake at night?
4) Are you committed to getting out of debt?

If you answer yes to any of these questions and feel like your credit card bills are spiraling out of control, then a credit card debt consolidation program might be a good option for you.

Consolidating your debt into a single low-interest monthly payment can save you thousands of dollars and speed the process of paying off debts. Additionally, over a period of time you can usually improve your credit score because you will be making consistent monthly payments to your creditors while reducing your debt much faster.

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services works with people every day to help them achieve their goal of becoming debt free. The company uses its unique relationship with credit card companies to negotiate lower interest rates.

Credit card consolidation is considered by many experts as the first step in the process of debt elimination and the prelude to improving your money management skills. After all, once your debt is consolidated your financial worries may not be over. You must get the proper guidance and education on how to better manage your finances so you won't face more debt in the future. Certified counselors at Consolidated Credit Counseling Services work with their clients to help set them on the path to financial success in the future.

Who should not consolidate? Every situation may be different; however there are three things to consider before enrolling:

1) Do you really need to consolidate?
2) Can you still afford the reduced payments?
3) Will consolidation save you time, money or both while paying off your debt?
4) Are you willing to stop using credit until you're debt free?

To help you find out if a debt consolidation program could help you, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services has provided an interactive online debt consolidation calculator. Simply fill in your unsecured debt amounts on the front page of the Web site and you can then see what your monthly payment would be with a debt consolidation program versus without the program.

Receive a Free Debt & Budget Analysis by visiting and take your first step towards achieving freedom from debt. A certified credit counselor can help you determine if credit counseling might be the right option for you.

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